Wheel balancing

With your vehicle, fully balanced, you are saved of the constant hopping, wobbling whenever your car hits the road.

Wheel alignment

We provide you with the best wheel alignment services at all our stations ensuring that the angles of your vehicle’s wheels are aligned.

Tyre clinics

We know what your car tyres mean to you, and more so, we understand the discomfort that comes with riding on blemished or substandard tyres.

Oil change and filters

Regular car check is a preventive measure to maintaining optimum performance levels without cost of full service.

Headlight tuning

With a team of ready, trained and standby mechanics at your service, do not accept headlight misalignment or less than the maximum illumination from your headlights.

Fuel you can trust

Refill from someone you can trust, our fuel is genuinely refined to suit your engine capacity for extra engine efficiency and durability.

Free under bonnet services

Gaz offers free under the bonnet services whenever you refill from  our selected stations country wide.